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Jahvid Best Black Jersey

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'The Stephen Tulloch Elite Jersey Other Camp David'

And it looks like a film set.

The compound, located in the Catoctin Mountains, is also enchantingly remote, yet so close to Washington, DC that Trout Run could easily be mistaken for the presidential outpost: Camp David.

Trout Run is a museum, of sorts. And it has also been a Hollywood set. Episodes of West Wing were filmed there in 2004 when the popular TV series needed a location to replicate the real Camp David.

The Second Camp David In some ways, the lines between Trout Run and Camp David have long been blurred. presidents preferred Little Hunting Creek the fishing stream at Trout Run long considered superior to anything on the grounds of the real Camp David.

Talk about a place that has had a stealthy hold on presidential history.

was really almost surreal walking into the buildings and seeing all the furniture exactly as it had been, said Dave DeSantis, an agent with Sotheby who now holds the $8.95 million listing.

This is not a case of real estate hyperbole.

While Trout Run handsome buildings, Olympicsize swimming pool, barbecue pavilion, trails, horseback riding and other features make it quite a step up from camping, the rustic property does afford a rare opportunity to get back to nature. The natural centerpiece of the place is a twomile trout stream that naturalists call one of the best in the MidAtlantic region. presidents found their inner bliss here, as did a slew of other highranking friends and celebrities.

Presidential Playground In 1929, Herbert Hoover cast his line for Jahvid Best Black Jersey the first time into troutrich waters here and now has a cottage named in his honor and the furniture Hoover sat in still occupies the rooms of that very place.

Indeed, Franklin D. Roosevelt famous initials are emblazoned on a sign on a fishing bridge named after him because he, too, fished from its heights in the revered trout run.

According to legend: Roosevelt reportedly used the retreat to relax during World War II. Radio transmissions from the property were disguised to make it appear he was onboard a ship. The story goes that the ruse worked only until Churchill went to a nightclub in Thurmont one night and got drunk.

Later, the presidential practice of fishing and decompressing at Trout Run was picked up by Dwight Eisenhower, who stole away to the compound that about an hour northwest of Washington, DC. Like Hoover and FDR, Eisenhower was also an angler, but he also used the bucolic setting to indulge in his watercolor painting.

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