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In terrific Bowl XLVII in New Orleans

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(msnbc) The san francisco bay area 49ers came from behind to beat the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday in the NFC Championship game, Leaving open the chance that two brothers could face off on the sidelines of next month Super Bowl.

Atlanta lost a huge advantage against the 49ers, And despite certain chances in the waning minutes, appeared losing 2824. On the month of january 13, gwinnett surrendered a 200 lead, Only to squeak through into your next round on a lastsecond field goal.

following on from the game Sunday, frisco linebacker Patrick Willis said the 49ers prevailed because they refused to give up and stuck together as a team, Just as they want all season long.

Thing about our team all year round is that we continue to fight, Willis assured Fox, Which over the air the game. Have an unbelievable team. 49ers will play the winner of Sunday evening AFC world-class game, Between the Baltimore Ravens and the host new england patriots, In terrific Bowl XLVII in New Orleans.

detail Ravens win, Then one thing might be a certainty at the Super Bowl: The great head coach will be named Harbaugh, As will the misplacing coach.

John Harbaugh motor coach buses the Ravens, And Jim Harbaugh points the 49ers. doctor sports championship where the opposing coaches were brothers.

49ers rally, hold on for 2824 win

Led by quarterbacks Joe montana and Steve Young, San Francisco was some NFL top franchises through much of the 1980s and 1990s.

however the 49ers haven been in the Super Bowl in 1995, And their 2000s were marred by mostly losing regular seasons.

the c's fortunes, at the same time, Have turned simply because the 2011 hiring of Jim Harbaugh, A former NFL quarterback Jermichael Finley Authentic Jersey himself who been coaching at nearby Stanford. the next season, They made it to the NFC champion, Only to fall to the inevitable Super Bowl winners, The gambling.

But weekend, Trailing 170 midway your second quarter, san francisco bay area rallied for two quick touchdowns one on a LaMichael James 11yard run, one more on a 4yard reception by tight end Vernon Davis.

remains, Atlanta looked after its Jermichael Finley Black Jersey advantage in part thanks to a missed field goal and a fumble by the 49ers Michael Crabtree just inches from the end zone into the fourth quarter. then, Running back Frank Gore scored from 9 yards out to put bay area ahead 2824.

at that time, There were still just over 8 minutes left hanging around.

Atlanta paced by quarterback Matt Ryan, usually Ice for his strong play in the waning minutes of games made a run. With just over a minute to go, The Falcons got within striking distance of objective line. But s. fransisco defenders broke up two straight passes, realistically sealing the win.

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