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10 Things to know about the 95th PGA Championship

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Ten things to know about the PGA Championship, to be played Aug. 811 at Oak Hill Country Club:


This is the 10th time Tiger Woods has come to the PGA Championship looking for his first major of the year. He only avoided a shutout in 1999 and 2007. Open in 1989. Europe turned the tide in the Ryder Cup with a comeback at Oak Hill in 1995. He won the PGA Championship by Stephen Gostkowski Black Jersey a record margin, won three other big events and ended the year at No. 1 in the world. Can he get his game back on track at the final major?YOUTH IS SERVED

The last three PGA champions were all in their 20s Rory McIlroy (23), Keegan Bradley (25) and Martin Kaymer (27). That hasn't happened at any major in nearly 50 years, when Gary Player (25), Jack Nicklaus (23) and Bobby Nichols (28) won the PGA from 196264.

Eighteen days after Phil Mickelson's name was engraved on the claret jug at the British Open, the opening tee shot will be struck in the PGA Championship. It could be worse. Fifty years ago, Jack Nicklaus won the PGA just one week after the British Open.

Eleven players from the top 20 in the world ranking have yet to win a tournament this year, a list that includes Rory McIlroy, Luke Donald and Lee Westwood.

The PGA Championship is getting fans involved in the course setup for the Stephen Gostkowski Limited Jersey final round. An online poll will allow them to pick one of four hole locations for the par3 15th hole in the final round.

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