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10 Fantasy Draft Tips From Me to You

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Most of you are probably drafting your fantasy football teams this week, here are some quick tips to remember. It better to be a year early with a WR/RB than a year late. Cam Newton and RGIII (he WILL stay healthy think. I believe! I hope) are good choices. Guys like Carson Palmer are moving up in the ranks because of his preseason performance. Might end up being a blessing.

6. I personally can draft players from teams I hate basedsolelyon principle and nothing to do with a winning strategy. I hope for the sake of your success you can be more mature about it than me.

7. Download an app like Fantasy Buzzer to help you keep track Shane Vereen Black Jersey of all the injuries that may affect your lineup. No one wants to spend all day Tuesday checking out injury reports and trying to make sense of what going on. Let an app do it for you and use that time for more important things, like reddit and Twitter.

8. DON SET UP AN AUTODRAFT. Not only will you probably end up with a crappy team, but everyone will hate you. I get it, we ALL busy, but don be a douche and carve out some time, drink a Shane Vereen Limited Jersey beer and sit by the computer.

9. I seen a lot of tips out there about risk and it safe with your picks. Screw that. You better than that.

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