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SQL Repair Advisor

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(Choose two.)which two statements are true regarding the sql repair advisor?
A. The SQL Repair Advisor can be invoked to tune the performance of the regressed SQL statements.
B. The SQL Repair Advisor can beinvoked evenwhen即使当 the incident isnot active for a SQL statement crash. Sql修复建议器可以被调用,即使当事件不是活动的。
C. The SQL Repair Advisor is invoked by the Health Monitor when it encounters the problematic SQL statement.
D. The DBA can invoke the SQL RepairAdvisor when he or she receives an alert generated when a SQL statement crashesand an incident is created in the ADR. DBA可以调用sql修复建议器(当他或她接受到一个告警),当一个sql语句崩溃和一个事件创建在ADR中时。

As a DBA or a developer of SQL code you probably know that SQL statements can be maddeningly frustrating to write. just getting the WHERE clause just right can be a time-consuming process requiring monumental effort. Frustration really comes when you encounter errors when running SQL that you know should work. These errors can be in the form of ORA-0600 or ORA-7445 or other ORA types of errors.

In Oracle 11g Oracle offers the SQL Repair Advisor to try to reduce the impact of Oracle product related errors when you are writing SQL code. When you have a SQL statement that returns some error you can instruct the SQL Repair Advisor to analyze the statement and provide recommendations on how to correct the problem. Recommendations can sometimes be in the form of a patch set to be applied or an alternative way to write the SQL.

The SQL Repair Advisor is run from the Oracle Support Workbench. Each time an ORA-600 occurs, that failure will be recorded in the Support Workbench. You can then select the problem that is associated with your SQL statement and then from the Problem Details page choose to start the SQL Repair Advisor. Once the SQL Repair Advisor has completed it's task, you will be provided options. These options typically will include a suggested recommendation and provide you with the ability to implement that recommendation.

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