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Who met on the set of the soon to be removed film Very Good Girls

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New roomie? Elizabeth Olsen and a handsome male friend went to the New Orleans MercedesBenz Superdome to watch the team vs the Atlanta Falcons NFL game last weekend

The 23yearold star and her handsome pal were at the New Orleans MercedesBenz Superdome to to watch the saints vs the Atlanta Falcons NFL game.

The set of, Who met on the set of the soon to be removed film Very Randall Cobb Authentic Jersey Good Girls, Were spotted enjoying a leisurely Sunday lunch together and a stroll around New Orleans.

heating: just the week before, Elizabeth and rumoured boyfriend Boyd Holbrook seemingly went public utilizing romance, Holding hands while out in the massive Easy

innovative new thriller: electronic is in New Orleans filming her new project Oldboy

Wearing an Annie Hall inspired ensemble,

Elizabeth looked by natural means stylish in a brimmed felt hat, grey

Slacks and a pair of tortoiseshell tinted glasses.

Boyd, who has got modelled for Gucci,

Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs,as well as,while Dior Homme, used her hand protectively as

The couple crossed the street.

The hunky Milk celebrity, 31, Is more than a appearance however as he was also named one of the top 10 Actors to Watch to watch by Variety this year.

The loved up couple could not keep their hands off of each other as she enjoyed lunch in the sunshine as Elizabeth took a break from her new project, Oldboy sent by Spike Lee.

the first kind costars were clearly enjoying each others' company as they talked and laughed over their meal.

electronic, Who is many years younger than her actressturnedfashion designer sisters Mary Kate and Ashley, once was linked to True Blood star Alexander Skarsgard, 36, wedding and reception pair were seen getting cosy at a preOscar party in February.

Oldboy, that also stars Josh Brolin, Is the American remake of the 2003 South Korean revenge thriller by any similar name.

still, Elizabeth has insisted the movie isn't just a reboot of the first, But would really be more true to the Japanese manga telling Empire Podcast: 'It's not trying to redo the film it's coming at it from a different perspective.

'As well as specializing in the primary source of the Korean film, For our film you will also find the Japanese Manga, So we're using the primary source of the shown novel, very much.or,--

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