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He said after having a recent training camp practice at St

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Demetrius Bell positioning: attack tackle AGE: 24 draw up: Seventh stage, 219th inclusive COLLEGE: Northwestern State as well as college HEIGHT: 65 the pounds: 307 home town: Summerfield, l. a,chicago. PITTSFORD A nondescript. group of techwizards who watch and various football, And characterize a coachturnedcaricature, Have chosen to the NFL's worst player. His word is Demetrius Bell, purchase Buffalo Bills' 10 drafted rookies, The first of three seventhround series. When the ubiquitous Madden video game title franchise releases its latest edition Tuesday (With a greenandgoldclad Brett Favre on the cover) Players will find that Buffalo's rookie offensive tackle is the rated player on the game by far. according to advance reviews of the game, Bell was given a standard rating of 53. Every other player at the tables has a rating of 60 or better. Perhaps its safe Bell doesn't play much Madden. "I've never gotten into doing offers, He said after having a recent training camp practice at St. John Fisher faculty. "I was an outdoor person, educated of his low rating, Bell had a confident reaction. "which is good, Because stick to work my way up, he said. "i don't want them to think I'm good, Then I prove to be a bust. I think it gives me enable you to show people how good I can be, Based solely on knowledge, Bell, 24, Would have trouble justifying a higher Madden rating than any of his fellow rookies. He only played two seasons at Northwestern State higher educatoin institutions, A Football champion Series program in Louisiana. He was an allstate alternatives both seasons, And as a senior was named allconference and AllAmerica after helping the Demons rack up 3,996 lawns. Bell, The estranged son of former NBA MVP Karl Malone, Also played three seasons of faculty basketball, John Kuhn Authentic Jersey Starting at center for a squad that defeated Iowa in the NCAA contest in 2006. "field hockey helped me a lot with my footwork, Bell considered that. "As a matter of fact, I know that maybe what got me here. It made me a good athlete in the field of football. Footwork is what this game will be about, Bell likened passblocking to the feetshuffling concepts of basketball defense. Buffalo's offensive line coach Sean Kugler said Bell has competed well so far in training camp, Where he's received extra work due to the lack of AllPro left tackle Jason Peters. "Demetrius rrs often a raw kid, explained Kugler, A Lockport ancient. "He's very qualified, Great athletic ability, very feet, your canine is a hardworker, He's thorough. If he works hard on daily basis, It's usually a long process, But he could be an extremely good pro, meaning his Madden rating could skyrocket. Peters had a rating in the low 60s when he joined the invoices as an undrafted free agent tight end. this process year, He baseball a 97 rating, outrageous among offensive tackles. "The Madden evaluations, We not have any control over those things so we can't really worry about them, Said tightly fitted end Robert Royal. noble referenced Ethan Albright, A former teammate in miami who was given a 53 rating for Madden '07. very last season, Albright made the Pro Bowl as a long digital camera. Contact news reporter Jonah Bronstein at 2822311, ext. 2258.

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