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They remain free not bond

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One of Michael Vick's codefendants pleaded guilty Monday to his role in Clay Matthews Black Jersey a dogfighting conspiracy that he says was financed almost entirely by the Atlanta Falcons qb.

as an element of a plea agreement, 34yearold Tony Taylor of Hampton pledged to fully cooperate with the government in its prosecution of Vick and two other men accused of running an interstate dogfighting enterprise known as "Bad Newz dog houses" On Vick's property or home in rural Surry County.

The plea agreement signed by Taylor includes an argument of facts that says "The Bad Newz Kennels' operation and gambling monies were almost alone funded by Vick,

The plea deal requires Taylor to testify against Vick and his two remaining codefendants if contacted to do so. inside the given agreement, Taylor cannot get a stiffer sentence or face any new charges based on any new references he provides.

But special charges are possible against Vick and the other two. Vick's lead attorneys, Billy Martin, Did not return a phone message left by The correlated Press.

Vick, nicely 35yearold Purnell Peace of Virginia Beach and 28yearold Quanis Phillips of Atlanta, Are slated for trial November 26. They remain free not bond.

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