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Charlotte 1960's Rock Roll Reunion at Neighborhood Theatre

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Charlotte 1960's Rock Roll Reunion at Neighborhood Theatre

With The Good, The Bad The Ugly, The Young Ages, Bobby Donaldson The Ravens, The Abbadons, Mannish Boys

Charlotte 1960s Rock Roll reunion A reunion of Charlotte top Rock Roll bands from the 1960s to celebrate the release of the book, "There Was A Time: Rock Roll in the 1960s in Charlotte, and North Carolina" by Jacob Berger and Daniel Coston. Book copies will be on hand to purchase and have signed.

The Young Ages were known as Charlotte first "Hard Rock" band. Formed in 1966, Show more we were tight, and had our own distinct sound, with great harmonies and diverse playlist. Our fans always had a lot of fun at our concerts. At that time, most local bands played either beach, soul or teeny bopper music. The Young Ages were the first to play Rolling Stones, Doors, Animals, Cream, Vanilla Fudge. The local venues loved us because of the fans that supported us. The Spyder Web (teen club at Morehead YMCA) was one. We also did the premier concert for The Purple Penguin (Charlotte first Hard Rock Club) and held the attendance record at 1500+. The Penguin was busted one night and the cops found out that some of us were underage, and we couldn play there anymore. With bookings every weekend at clubs, colleges, or private parties, we would pack our gear into an old painted up potato chip truck and go play.

Our hard rock version of "Reach Out" landed the band a contract with Decca records. We had just won the "Big WAYS" teen contest, giving us a shot to perform. on a national TV show. At the Cheap Jerseys time, the Vietnam war was going strong and caused our breakup in 1969, as some of the guys were called to serve.

In February, 2006, I was contacted via email by Mark Myers, now residing in Atlanta. I had not talked with Mark since 1982. The subject of a reunion came up. One thing led to another and over the next few weeks, we were able to contact ALL of the original members of the band, Johnny Barkley (lead guitar/vocals), Dickie Carrigan (12 string rhythm guitar/vocals), Mark Myers (lead vocals), Ronnie Phillips (drums), Mike Raper (bass guitar/vocals), Bob Robinson (keyboards), David Long (harmonica/moral support/roadie/photos). The Young Ages reunion was in the works. Although some of the guys had not played much in over 30 years, at our first rehearsal, the chemistry and harmony were still there. Man, we had a blast! I think we laughed more than we jammed. We worked hard over the next couple of months and got ready to take the stage again for the first time in 40 years. Our reunion show was on July 22, 2006 at the American Legion in Huntersville, NC. The place was packed to capacity.

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