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Helped establish the Seminoles as a national powerhouse

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LOS ANGELES North Fort Myers grad and NFL veteran Deion Sanders is one of the greatest stars to come out of Bobby Bowden's tenure at Florida State.

NBC2 reached Sanders through a representative at the NFL Network, Where Sanders works as an onair expert, To ask him his thoughts as Bowden announced his retirement life.

"Coach Bowden can never be replaced and are normally remembered for his tremendous contributions to Florida State and the game of football. in my closet, He made Florida State feel like a home away from home and for that I are grateful to him, Sanders said via e-mail.

Florida State previous ones Sanders' 2 jersey after his talent, And swagger, Helped establish the Seminoles as a national powerhouse.

Sanders was part of Bowden's teams early in the coach's 14year run of 10win seasons and topfive surface finishes in the polls. A streak that may never be cloned.

A threesport star for nfl, Track and snowboarding. within the freshman, Sanders pointed in the Seminoles' secondary, Played outfield on the baseball team which finished fifth in the nation and led the track team to its tenth conference great. A twotime AllAmerica in the cornerback, Sanders was the 1988 Thorpe Award winner as the country's finest defensive back.

He led the Seminoles to a selection of their most memorable wins including picking off an Auburn pass with seconds left to preserve a win over the Tigers in the 1988 Sugar Bowl. Sanders was drafted as a professional by both the Atlanta Falcons of the NFL and the New York Yankees of major league baseball.

Sanders added to play two sports earning AllPro honors with the Falcons, san francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys and becoming a superstar in centerfield for the Braves, new york giants and Reds.

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