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An automotive best in show

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When I usually don cameras to shoot on the 18th fairway of Pebble Beach it to cover what is considered one of the best finishing holes in golf. Stay an arm length within the ropes, work as silently as possible and don distract the golfers. The week consists of five auctions, eight concours and exhibitions, three days of racing, concept car unveilings and manufacturer displays, all culminating Sunday on the shores of the foggy Pacific.

I had a top priority knowing I was going to be within inches of rare, concept and production cars worth millions of dollars do not accidentally bump into any of them. I very deliberately minded my gear, many times taking off bags and extra cameras before leaning over to shoot these ultra expensive machines. I happy to report I didn leave a single scuff or scratch.

I attended four of the week events, The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering; the Concours d Gooding Company auction preview and finally Sunday Pebble Beach Concours. I photographed cars ranging from a Voisin Biscooter, to a 1926 Bugatti race car, Lamborghini $4 million Veneno supercar to finally the concour Best Brandon Spikes Authentic Jersey of Show winner, an immaculate 1934 Packard 1108 Twelve Dietrich Convertible Victoria, owned by Joseph Cassini of New Jersey. Mr. Cassini was such a gracious and photogenic winner, along with his daughter Caroline and wife Margie, all dressed impeccably in period clothing.

So if you want to experience this impressive automotive gala for yourself, restore that vintage car you may have sitting in your garage or simply start planning to attend in 2014. You won be disappointed.

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