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A spit in the face and a jaw adjustment

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Market BarBQue owner Steve Polski dished an openfaced knuckle sandwich to a passerby Thursday.

I was at the restaurant to eat an order of saltfree ribs they prepare for me (because I'm on a daily 1,500 mg diet limitation Julian Edelman Authentic Jersey as a result of an innerear condition). We were outside the Nicollet Avenue restaurant where Polski was talking to a family friend and then talking up the environmentally friendly LED lights that his scion, Anthony Polski, had installed in the restaurant's sign.

A big dude who kept saying he was from New York walked by at that moment. He asked whether I was talking to him. I told him that I was not. "I'm from New York, I know when a woman is talking to me," he said.

I think he thought I was flirting with him, even though I had barely noticed him pass. Who knows what was going on in this guy's head, but he was also picking from a can of smokeless tobacco and he perhaps thought my unhealthy comment was directed at that.

Mr. New Yawk kept on talking, but since his voice was growing softer an indication that he was walking away from me he didn't seem threatening.

When a woman says something to me, Mr. New Yawk said, "I'm going to say something back. I'm from New York, baby." I ignored him, but Steve responded to him: "Why don't you just forget about it?"

That brought on the first of a string of Fbombs from Mr. New Yawk along with the even more offensive terms of "baldy" and "old man."

Down the street Steve walked for a facetoface with Mr.

It was all jawing and body language at first, some of it comical, until Mr. New Yawk spit in Steve's face, which got the New Yawker, who also volunteered that he was Italian, smacked upside the kisser.

That was it, although the verbal smacking down continued.

A couple of peacemakers, people whom Anthony said they did not know even though one guy embraced Steve, came on the scene and it eventually ended. New Yawk started yapping "baldy."

I end the video with a slowmotion shot of the critical moment the spitting episode followed by the jaw adjustment.

In real time, the scene ended after a funnier exchange between Steve and the New Yorker, who also kept saying, in between other more ominous threats, that he RESPECTED Polski.

"I'll see you again. You're small," said Mr. New Yawk. Steve laughed at him. "Laugh, old man. My dad's 85.""You keep talking and you'll never make it to be an old man," Steven told him.

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