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Cardinals Trade Rumors

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Cardinals Trade Rumors

New St. Louis Cardinals trade rumors have the team adding bullpen help through a deal with the Miami Marlins. According to ESPN, the Cardinals have acquired righthanded reliever Edward Mujica. It's a small move, but it could end up adding some valuable depth to the St. Louis bullpen down the stretch.

In exchange for Mujica, the Cardinals had to trade 2010 firstround pick Zack Cox. Cox was struggling a bit at TripleA Memphis, posting a .254 batting average, 9 home runs and 30 RBIs this season. As for Mujica, he has a 03 record with a 4.38 ERA and 2 saves in 41 games this year.

Mujica is a valuable pitcher to have against righthanded hitters, a Wholesale Jerseys group that has batted just .211 against him this season. Last season's stats make the trade look even better, as Mujica posted a 96 record and 2.96 ERA over the full season. Now the team will have to make a lastsecond move to the roster to clear a slot for Mujica on Tuesday night (July 31).

The Cardinals are trying to make a serious run at both the National League Central and an NL wild card slot down the stretch. Coming into Tuesday (July 31), the team has a 5448 record, putting them 7 games behind the Cincinnati Reds in the Central and 4 games behind both the Atlanta Braves and Pittsburgh Pirates in the wild card race.

What do you think about these St. Louis Cardinals trade rumors? Though the deal is a small one, do you think that acquiring Edward Mujica from the Miami Marlins will keep the team a big boost?

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