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luxury motor coaches and team

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Two these days, Carleton University slashed funding to athletics and cut eight teams from its varsity roster following an intensive review of school sports.

famous, The same university is trying out rejuvenating a football program that has been mothballed for the past 11 years.

Jennifer Brenning, Carleton's sports director, Said a team could be ready to join the OUA in time for the 2011 season but that's incumbent on the as well as college able to raise close to $750,000.

"For superior program, luxury motor coaches and team, It'll cost so much, She mentioned.

"A school survey was quite receptive and we're looking at how programs operate at other schools. Laval is a good business and run like an NCAA team. ffortunately they are building a 25,000seat arena,

Brenning said Carleton was relying on support from an Ottawa consortium, using alumnus John Ruddy, Which is trying to secure a CFL team and a stadium for the nation's capital. Brenning described Ruddy, A major builder of retail centres across Canada, Had given a verbal commitment of an amazing donation if a pro team could be secured.

soccer ROOTS: Like pa, Like son and grandfather too. video slot machine back Dillon Dimitroff, A graduate of Notre Dame in Burlington and now even though using Guelph Gryphons, may perhaps be the nephew of Tom Dimitroff, The gm of the NFL Atlanta Falcons. elephants receivers' coach.

BOBSLEIGH over: at the same time, Ottawa Jordy Nelson Black Jersey Gee Gees linebacker James McNaughton had been trying out the idea of playing football and doing his best to make the Canadian Bobsleigh team in time for the Olympics. A stand apart at Huron Heights Secondary in Newmarket, The multisport McNaughton was invited for an evaluation with the national team but chose to focus on football.

RUGBY DAYS: Jordan Kozina and Jordan WilsonRoss have had an ample amount of rugby for now. playing in the World Cup for Canada, Kozina wants to get where he left off two years ago running footballs with McMaster. In his novice year, He in a hurry for 1,191 metres. WilsonRoss, Also a halfback who played some junior college pigskin in New York, Was also on the nation's rugby team.

CUP IN quebec, canada,: at last in Canadian university football history, The national championship will be played in Quebec. the Vanier Cup, Won for one more two years in a bidding process, Will be hosted by the counselling champion Laval Rouge et Or on Nov. 28 in quebec City. It's also only the second time since the inaugural College Bowl in 1965 that one last is outside Ontario. Saskatchewan was host many years ago.

QB endeavor: Quite a battle shaping up among two of top rated quarterbacks in the CIS. Burlington's Danny Brannagan, at the present at Queen's, ought to throw for 2,036 yards to go beyond the 10,201 CIS article held by McGill's Matt Connell. Western pivot Michael Faulds are able to do it if he piles up 2,423 meters this year.

losing out on THEIR WAY: The streak has ended, That's the 49gamer that lasted almost seven years for the college or university of Toronto Blues. Rookie placekicker Andrew Lomasney was the hero with his game winner in the season opener last year over Waterloo. A new streak could be cracking open at York, Which owned the previous losing streak of 47 games between 1988 and 1995. york, but 011, Hasn't won since sept of 2007.

STILL able to apply for: Former western side Mustang Vaughn Martin, Now with the san diego chargers, Still has qualifications in the OUA. each 6foot4, 320pound uptight lineman, After playing with 15 pro teams, Was picked by the chargers in the fourth round of this year's pro draft, 113th in summary. He's played in preseason games.

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