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Andre Johnson Elite Jersey

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100 in 100: Ben Tate (44 of 100)

With the Combine now upon us, several players will have their chance to impress pro scouts with above par performances. Ben Tate is one of those guys that has not exactly been high on the radars. He has pretty much been a middle of the pack type of guy much like Shonn Greene was last year. Auburn has produced some pretty good running backs; most notably Bo Jackson, Ronnie Brown, and Cadillac Williams. Ben Tate will no doubt get his chance to shine, but in what role is the real question. Will he have enough to be considered a feature back? Or will he share time with another back? The league is trending more toward utilizing multiple backs. With different running styles a team can be more efffective; it gives defenses more to think about.

Tate has had an interesting career at Auburn, sort of an up and down if you will. He had playing time as a Freshman and showed a lot of potential. His Sophomore year he ran for just over 900 Yards and the buzz began around the Auburn running back. In 2008, his Junior year, Tate's production fell as defenses began keying in on him. And his final year, as a Senior, Tate finally went over 1000 Yards. Sometimes it pays to stay for a Senior year and other times (for other players) it doesn't. The Auburn running back has some solid tangibles but it is uncertain as to just how well they will translate at the next level. This week at the Combine could be crucial and dictate the perception of just how well Tate will be able to do.

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