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Because as with any sport

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It has come to the end of the Citizen's Beat the Pros season and unless there exists a complete meltdown by Bob Timmerman, Who is currently well ahead of the others, The circulation manager will be taking the title away from Ralph Morrow.

I for one am pleased see our sports editor dethroned, Because as with any sport, Only fans of a winning program want to remain the streak. With my own horse in the race that is definitely tough to cheer for any other success, But once again my reign at the top of the standings was shortlived and I will finish middle of the pack.

oh well, But congrats to every winner this season and to those that sent in weekly picks and made it possible to outdo even our best "trained" Guesses which choose is all they are. stated, Now it is time to move into the postseason, And what a thrilling set of games are lined up.

On the NFC side, Every matchup should be interesting as all six teams were separated by only three games during the normal season: The 4th seeded Arizona Cardinals at 106 and the top seeded team at 133. With both games the actual Wild Card weekend a rematch of previous week's games the Cardinals playing host to the 6th seeded Green Bay Packers (115), Who they beat 337 last weekend, And the 115 Philadelphia Eagles return to Dallas, exactly where the 115 Cowboys won 270 last week the NFC will be off to a great start. As much as it would pain me to see a pair of NFC North teams in the NFC tournament, I will say that a VikingsPackers matchup with Brett Favre taking on his old team for a trip to the Super Bowl would be great to see.

On the AFC side of things, There is question to the abilities of teams that made the playoffs. Sure the Houston Texans and pittsburgh steelers could have just won one more game and not depended on the New York Jets faltering as they cruised past the Indianapolis Colts and Cincinnati Bengals, that had been both sitting key players in the final weeks after clinching postseason berths. obtain, The Jets at 97 did what was needed and will also take on last week's foe the Cincinnati Bengals, Who at 106 won the AFC n,upper. The only nonrematch of last week's game obtained in this first week is the Baltimore Ravens (97) Versus the gambling (106).

In the end not that my predictions mean more than an average answer as Beat the Pros once again showed I believe that it'll be the VikingsEagles and ColtsChargers in the Conference Championship games, With either the wall chargers or Vikings winning a first Super Bowl title.

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