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business expansion With New Atlanta Office

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"Mobiquity truly represents the innovative of mobilityenabling companies harnessing the unique power of mobile technology. We congratulate them on decision to grow their business in Atlanta, And welcome them to the worldwide hub of mobility, Said larry Williams, vice president, Technology Industry programming, Metro Atlanta Chamber of business.

No odder to the southeast region, Mobiquity last month stated plans to, An expansion driven by sizeable company growth and industry demand for mobile app development expertise. Its southeast improvement began in July 2012, if the. Former Smartsoft CEO now serves as Mobiquity's Southeast vice president and gm.

Mobiquity is an active member of the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce and Technology association of Georgia (symbol). The address of Mobiquity's metro atlanta office is: North balconies, 400 border Center Terrace, suit 900, atl, ga 30346.

"Mobiquity is a welcome addition to Georgia's quicklyexpanding cluster of mobile hi-tech companies, Driven by a, Energetic and skilled workforce that uninterruptedly seeks new challenges and their solutions, Said carol Henderson, director, Health Sciences and Advanced technological know-how, Georgia Department of Economic acceleration.

Mobiquity is a leading professional services firm using the services of the Global 2000 to create engaging enterpriseclass mobile solutions and apps that drive business value. seeing as mobile is in our DNA, Clients benefit from how we expertly and effectively blend the three key disciplines that unleash the power and innovation of mobile computing: approach, Usercentered design and core tools. Since beginnings, We have worked exceeding 140 companies, consists of CVS, Fidelity opportunities, MetLife, The manhattan Post, Putnam ventures, The Boston Globe and dieters International, And we partner with SAP to help its customers develop and implement mobile strategies and requests that optimize enterprise solution investments. for more info, stop at

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