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Whitney Mercilus Elite Jersey

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NBA Free Agency 2013: San Antonio Spurs No Longer Want Andrei Kirilenko?

The Minnesota Timberwolves moved on from free agent Andrei Kirilenko this NBA free agency period after signing guard Kevin Martin because the team simply could not afford to keep him around.

The San Antonio Spurs, fresh off a loss to the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals and looking to reload, were thought to be a very likely destination for Kirilenko.

That no longer appears to be the case. Rotoworld has the list of reasons, and they make for a pretty good argument against Kirilenko joining the Spurs:

After reaching contract agreements with Marco Belinelli and Jeff Pendergraph, the Spurs have at least 13 players under guaranteed contracts (14 if they retain RFA Gary Neal). They’d also need to convince Kirilenko that he’ll get enough playing time with Kawhi Leonard, Danny Green, Manu Ginobili and Belinelli on the wings, and AK is seeking a multi-year investment the Spurs likely won’t make.

Kirilenko is now 32 years of age and may have a hard time finding a new home with the draft and most of free agency already concluded as far as big names go.

The Spurs have reloaded in a sufficient manner and likely don’t have room for Kirilenko as the report points out. Kirilenko will find a home at some point, but it won’t Whitney Mercilus Elite Jersey be with the popular choice in San Antonio.

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