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Who played for the ohio Jets last season

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Brett Favre is predicted to unretire again and sign with the Minnesota Vikings today.

The 39yearold quarterback arrived at Vikings training camp to meet with coach Brad Childress and others amid wedding that he will return to the NFL.

Favre was greeted at manchester international by Vikings coach Brad Childress, Who told the AP it is the Vikings' plan to sign the former qb of the rival Green Bay Packers "In a seamless world,

ESPN's Chris Mortensen is coverage that Favre will sign a oneyear deal worth $1012 million dollars.

Favre, Who played for the ohio Jets last season, Told the Vikings on July 28 that he'd Mike Pouncey Jersey remain retired.

Favre, who'll turn 40 on Oct. 10, Played 16 Womens Cameron Wake Jersey times for the Packers. The crews meet Oct. 5 in minnesota and Nov. 1 in environment friendly Bay.

Favre, In 17 NFL years, Owns alltime league records for pass effort (9,280), Completions (5,720), Passing lawns (65,127), Touchdowns (464) and also interceptions (310).

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