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California Grey Bears

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California Grey Bears

Yes, my name is Lynda Francis and I am the Executive Director of the California Grey Bears.

Grey Bears, founded in 1973, is a grassroots, nonprofit organization of seniors over 55. Grey Bears is best known for its development and implementation of a program called Operation Brown Bag. Most simply stated, donated food is distributed via a network of sites throughout the county. Last year, Grey Bears distributed 1.2 million pounds of fresh produce thanks to the generosity of the Ag community. Operation Brown Bag serves over 3,600 members a week throughout Santa Cruz County, distributing fresh and packaged food items.

Any person, 55 years and older, is eligible for general membership which costs $20 per year. There are no income requirements to join. We share the bounty.

As a result of our volunteer gleaners, who go out and glean the fields after the harvest, and our volunteer baggers who prepare weekly bags of food for our senior members, literally thousands of seniors receive weekly bags of nutritious food, a $15$20 value. The Grey Bears Thrift Store accepts donations of the following items.

No electronic waste to recycle? Then shop our computer store for good deals on donated laptops, desktops, and other reusable recycled electronic items. Do your part for the environment.

Grey Bears provides a recycling center at our main Cheap Jerseys location on Chanticleer and also operates the recycling center at the Santa Cruz County Buena Vista dump site.

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