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Bradshaw is arguably the best available free agent available in the market

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Ahmad Bradshaw was all set to become the newest member of the gambling on Thursday, All he needed to do was work out an understanding. turns out that (suspense!) Coming to an agreement with an NFL franchise is actually pretty difficult. based on reports Friday, Bradshaw and the Colts will always be far apart on a deal, Though talks aren't dead yet.

Bradshaw is arguably the best available free agent available in the market, And might be a nice fit in a passhappy Colts offense thanks to his blocking and receiving skills. If the two sides are finally able to come to a legal contract, Either Delone Carter or Donald Brown could be released to make room.

Perhaps it was bound to happen that Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers would eventually make nice. at some point, The threetime MVP will likely have more good memories than bad in Green Bay. regardless, It was energizing Friday to hear Favre accept blame for his acrimonious split from the Packers in 2008.

"It's over and finished with. I was in the wrong, Favre advised WGR 550, The the usa JournalSentinel reported. "I feel that either side had a part in it. If you could go back would I or them have done things otherwise? I'm sure each side would. But you won't,

No doubt the Packers would love to retire Favre's No. 4 jersey for the success he brought the franchise all the way through his 16 years with the team. Now they can honor the Hall of Famer with a clear conscience.

Ravens release Super Bowl XLVII rings

The Baltimore Ravens displayed their Super Bowl XLVII rings Friday. They also visited the White House as part of their ongoing celebration for beating the silicon valley 49ers in February.

Josh Gordon suspended 2 games for violation of NFL drug abuse policy

Josh Gordon will sit out the first matches of Marshawn Lynch Jersey the 2013 regular season, And will be docked pay for four games total for violating the NFL's drug abuse policy. there were no word on what the substance was, But most importantly he got in trouble several times in college due to marijuana.

Gordon was an outbreak star for the Cleveland Browns last season, final the year with 50 receptions for 805 yards and five touchdowns. He will be likely to improve on those numbers this season, Even with the headgear. costly for him, Gordon will still be allowed to participate in training camp and the Browns' preseason games.

Seahawks miss HBO's Hard Knocks

The Seattle Seahawks were one of the vital intriguing stories of the 2012 season, Thanks to an upstart season led by a amazing Russell Wilson. Seattle would like not give fans a close up look of the inner workings of the team, about the other hand. The Seahawks reportedly rebuffed HBO when approached to take part in the eighth season of their popular Hard Knocks series.

Hard Knocks featured the Miami Dolphins last season, And gave us several very special moments, Notably Chad Johnson's onair production. While such moments make for great tv shows, They don't essentially put players and coaches in the best light.

Terrell Owens to relocate if unsigned in 2013

Terrell Owens feels he can nonetheless be a productive player in the NFL. but, There does not appear to be a corporation that agrees. If Owens kept unsigned, Bruce Irvin Jersey The 39yearold wideout told Zach Miller Jersey CBS Sports' Mike Freeman he or she will retire:

"That's just me being useful, he explained. "i want to play again. I want to depart on top with a team. I think I can play, But if take part in sign with a team, a number time to retire. I have actually with myself,

Owens had a tumultuous career from a NFL, But he still managed to put up Hall of Famecaliber numbers. their 1,078 receptions rank sixth alltime in your NFL, magnificent 15,934 yards are second behind only Jerry Rice.

Donte Stallworth to experience for Redskins

Donte Stallworth will try out for the california Redskins during the team's minicamp next week. He played just one game for the gambling last season, Managing just one office reception (Albeit for 63 yards and a landing). He caught 22 passes your Redskins in 2011.

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