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Biblical 'boo' moments that 'scare to death'

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Biblical 'boo' moments that 'scare to death'

I always assumed that being "scared to death" was just an urban legend. Apparently, there is more to it than that. There appears to be a number of people who have suffered a Mike Iupati Jersey cardiac arrest and died following a bad fright.

As the theory goes, when someone is frightened, that person may go Mike Iupati Authentic Jersey into a mode often referred to as "fight or flight." In the fight or flight mode, adrenalin is released throughout the body to enhance the flight or the fight. Only, adrenalin in large amounts can be toxic to certain organs, such as the heart. This is particularly true for someone with a preexisting heart condition. In theory, someone can be scared to death.

Yet, even if a person is not scared to death, that person can be scared of death or scared by death. Many of us are. Hearing a voice coming from the back of a hearse would certainly qualify as scary or frightening. The dead are suppose to be dead and silent!

In the gospels, there are varied accounts of the resurrection. One might assume that there would be only one account of an event as centrally significant as the resurrection. Instead, each gospel has its own account, including differing details and nuances.

However, among the common facts regarding the resurrection is fear. Virtually no one faces the evidence of the resurrection or the resurrected Christ without being scared; some even scared to death.

In Matthew's version, guards were outside of Jesus' tomb. An angel of the Lord descended from Heaven to roll away the stone that sealed the tomb. The stone was not rolled away to allow the resurrected Christ to walk out of the tomb, but to allow the witnesses to walk into the tomb. Matthew says that when the guards saw the angel rolling away the tomb, "they became like dead men." We might say, "They were scared to death." In the gospels, there are many of those "boo" moments after the resurrection.

Ironically, it can be said that Jesus came to take away the fear of death. Maybe, there is a sense that Jesus was trying to acclimate his followers to the kingdom, to a new existence where there is but a thin veil between life and death. Jesus told Martha and Mary as much, "If someone believes in me, though he may die, he shall live."

Living fearlessly is more difficult than dying fearlessly. We only die fearlessly once. Yet, to live without fear is every day, whether we are driving a cab or a hearse.

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