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them swept the West

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"charmed" Seems an odd descriptor typically 200809 Arizona Cardinals, Who spent no, Were crushed in four health of their last six regularseason games. Yet here these guys sit, All warm and comfy at 97, Hosting a firstround playoff game at home at a negative balance Zone.

in the meantime, A couple of teams they lost to by a combined score of 61 points the New York Jets and gambling sit idly at home. The Patriots finished 115, And are only the second team in NFL history to finish repair record and miss the playoffs. At 21 prospects, New britain was Las Vegas' preseason fave to win the Super Bowl (Then QB Tom Brady went down for the growing season). And bejesus, They thumped the cards 477 only two lousy weeks ago.

Ken Whisenhunt's middlinggood Cardinals handily won the NFC gulf, Which lived to its "NFC worst case scenario" Nickname this season merit to two of the sorriest squads in pro ball (Seattle and after that St. Louis) And another mediocre showing by the san francisco bay area 49ers. with their credit, them swept the West, 60.

They did it possessing a creaky old graybeard of a QB named Kurt "put" Warner.

They did it accompanying a big, Fat zero of a running attack and a porous defense that surrendered 56 points to the Jets, 48 up to the Eagles, And the aforementioned 47 to the Patriots. (quick, NFL university: What wins game applications? best. hastening and D.)

you need to on the countyourblessings list is the Cards' firstround playoff draw, The the atlanta area Falcons. No disrespect to the southern region raptors intended. it just could've been much worse for the Cardinals than a team rebounding from a 412 record and a dogfighting scandal. Entering the final weekend of a normal season, The other two firstround chances for the Cardinals were the Carolina Panthers (maybe there most balanced team in the NFL) And the Dallas cowboys (Who flamed out not surprisingly,, it's true, But would've been hardpressed to lose to the cards twice in one year).

As things proved, It seems fitting that our blessed flock of birds will come across the NFC's other enchanted avians, who were led in the postMichael Vick era by a big, Burly Cinderella man named Matt Ryan. The smartcookie rookie QB from Boston a higher education, Drafted third over all by Atlanta, Was named NFL Offensive Rookie of the year on December 30, And he's been mentioned in most of the interactions about league MVP, Though he won't win that you. even now, Get a load from the yearone numbers:

Passing pct: 61.1. gardens: 3,440. Touchdowns: 16. Interceptions: 11. Passer evaluating: 87.7.

say no to! And though we haven't seen that much of Ryan Atlanta still not being much of a national draw we hear the numbers pale when compared with the dude's leadership qualities and poise, items, Like dashing and defense, One can't have too much of this month or year.

Ryan and firstyear Coach Mike Smith obtain Falcons sitting pretty at 115, having won five of their last six. them, Despite being a split winner hosting a wildcard team in a stadium where they're 62, Are a twopoint underdog to marietta. Makes perfect sense to us, As does Vegas' totally valid disrespect in giving Arizona the longest likelihood of the 12 playoff teams to win the Super Bowl. 401? might as well be 40,000to1, But getting to Tampa Bay hardly matters finally, no matter what.

this game makes or breaks the Cardinals' season, And beneficial side,which is the upside sort of Xfactor Vegas has trouble computing. As ESPN Radio's Colin Cowherd noted on his New seasons Day show, Sin City bookies are driven purely by a desire to make a buck. No nation-wide politics. No team organizations. No feeling. rest room Vegas is right Kids Dustin Keller Jersey nine out of 10 times, And the bookies' elegant dissection of the Cards/Falcons game cites Atlanta's clear fineness in playoffcritical areas such as rushing (The onetwo punch of eileen Turner and Jerious Norwood), Line play golf (The Falcons' mobile DE John Abraham versus Cards' questionable linemen Mike Gandy and Levi Brown), And specialteams take up. But the ninetimesright formula makes Vegas wrong a 10th almost daily, And the Cardinals have had one particular 1in10 kind of years (virtually, If you want to return to their most recent previous playoff berth).

on paper, Atlanta's desirable team. But given the X factors all of these the Cardinals hold, Including home field and playoff experience in key areas (QB Warner, RB Edgerrin steve, Head educate Whisenhunt, And assistant head coach Russ Grimm using days with the Steelers) this situation game's a pick 'em.

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