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Are Chiefs on verge of finish Andy Reid

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The two sides spent much of Thursday in negotiate on prices for Reid to become the Chiefs' coach, A person familiar with so told The Associated Press.

The discussions followed nine hours of talks Wednesday that went good enough that Reid canceled plans to interview for other openings, an individual told the AP. It was unclear which details were preventing the two sides from reaching a legal contract. Reid has had success at developing quarterbacks in past times, assisting Donovan McNabb whom he helped draft with the No. 2 pick during his in time Philadelphia and Brett Favre earlier in his career in Green Bay,What I am confident Ryan Tannehill Jersey in is we'll have significantly better play from the quarterback position in 2013, Hunt spoken. "I don't know whether it'll be a final, Longterm best solution or not. We'll simply have to see how it plays out,Hunt refused to escape the details of his coaching search, a responsibility that he'd delegated to the general manager in the past. Somebody of high condition, Somebody who is an excellent teacher and communicator. "This man is amazing cooperate with, Smart and focused upon, and also record will speak for itself,The past period have been difficult for Reid, Whose most ancient son, Garrett, Died at training camp after a long battle with substance abuse. "The franchise remains very highly regarded around the league,

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