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Barcelona and Real Madrid is still all-powerful predators on the transfer market , but in fact this summer league is a horrible summer, 20 La Liga teams in the transfer market, nike air max 95 mens uk   total investment of 250 million euros , the total revenue has reached of 400 million euros , 150 million euros revenue , if the exclusion of Barcelona and Real Madrid , then the revenue will reach nearly 200 million euros !



This data shows what ? Illustrates the La Liga in the large blood loss. These top scorer last season , for example, the top two Messi and C Ronaldo did not move , and the third Falcao move to Monaco , fourth Mingneigelei more to Manchester City , the fifth Mingsuoerda more to go Tottenham , 8th Higuain went to Naples, which add up to four players will reach 1.5 worth hundreds of millions of euros !


Exodus and not just shooter. Valencia Soldado things, in addition to the sale of the core defense Tino Costa ; Real Sociedad midfielder Ely Yarra Mendy poached by Real Madrid ; nike air max 95 mens uk   deeply troubled by the financial crisis, in addition to Isco Malaga sold to Real Madrid , the Toulalan , Joaquin , Javier Saviola , Baptista , Martin Demichelis and other Lord of the full name also was sent away ; Sevilla winger Navas and lost midfielder Medel ; Getafe midfielder sold Barada ; Athletic Bilbao most losses , Llorente and Emo Lei tower of Babel if the normal disposal , together sell 50 million euros is not a problem , the result is both free move away .


But on the other hand , this also is not necessarily a good thing. Spain in recent years the club have increased their investment in youth training , has trained a lot of good players , womens nike air max 95 uk the Spanish youth team in international football at all levels is almost swept the trend , famous veteran left also means youth can receive more opportunities.


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