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Sevilla signed from Levante Yi Wola , the two sides signed a five-year contract , buy nike air max 2013 in addition to pay 6 million euros transfer fee , they will also team players Diawara loan to Levante one year.


Europa League qualifying playoff teams Seville from La Liga rivals Levante signed Yi Wola , the two sides signed a five-year contract , in addition to their pay 6 million euros for this transfer fee, will team the player Diawara loan to Levante for one year.


25 year-old Yi Wola in Levante spent six seasons , buy nike air max 2013 he is also the team last season in the midfield critical one , 35 league games contributed four goals . The 25 -year-old Senegalese striker Diawara since January 2012 from the Portuguese team Maritimo move to Sevilla has only played in the league seven times.


However, for the Andalusian team is not all good news , nike air max 2013 womens uk team defender Michael Carrick as the right thigh injury will be forced to rest six weeks , and thus he will miss the game against the Wroclaw 's European League qualifying playoff first leg will be held on August 22 held in Spain .

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