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Barcelona [microblogging] to set the lineup in a 3-0buy nike air max 1  away victory over Zaragoza and continue marching to the league title. Lula assistant coach after the game at a news conference, praised the players performed very well.


Lula praised the performance of all the players, he said: "This is a team of people that, now more than ever to show everyone in the team has the ability to play for me today Sarago Sa game situation is very difficult, if we can not focus on the lack of progress. Tello played a very good game, gave us a lot of depth, Song is great, have the power, Tiago well, everyone In their place are outstanding performance, but the most important thing is the team, and I'm all the players happy and proud. "


About rotation, Lula said: "womens nike air max one Today we have no reservations who we dispatch the most appropriate person to participate in the game and we let the players physically the most appropriate person to participate in the game, because we will have a long future weeks training. Such situation and we have only three days rest for the game is different. Pique continuously participated in a lot of games, we have to consider allowing him to rest. " 

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