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According to the Spanish website Marca quoted "Le Monde" nike air max mens trainers uk  reported that Barcelona [microblogging]'s management had feared Pique privacy, they hired a private detective in September 2009 to early October 2010 tracking Pique. Pique and Barca's management would like to know who to call, and the movements of his bank account.


Pique Barca concerns interest on card games such as Texas Hold'em. Paper noted Pique in an afternoon spent in the casino from 3000 to 4000 euros, and when he's in Manchester when, in his own words, "a lot of gambling and eventually spent 30,000 euros."


Report also pointed out that the club how to monitor the time of his call. In a Tenerife before the game against Barcelona, ​​"he still calls into the wee hours 1:23" beat Sevilla in 2010, he "called into the wee hours 5:41."


They even tracked him to a concert. Detectives said that in September 2010 Pique see 阿莱罕德罗 - Sanz concert in Barcelona to track Pique. They took very Duo Pike photos,nike air max womens uk  then and teammate Carles Puyol Pique together, they also filmed Pique open the car. They also recorded Pique "Pique average opening 170km / h, sometimes reach 200km / h". 

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