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More than a month away from the 26th birthday of the time, supra skytop 3 sale   Lionel Messi in the case of such a young age has been completed a feat: tying Maradona in career goals.


In Barca's 4-2 win over Real Betis scored two goals after Messi's career total score reaches 345 balls, which scored a total of 313 goals for Barcelona, ​​scoring 32 goals for the Argentine national team. Maradona in his 23-year career when the CPC scored 345 goals, including 311 ball club goals, team goals 34 balls.


Before Sunday's game actually has tied Messi Maradona's club total number of goals, supra skytop 3 sale   but he more than the total number of Maradona's team scoring 2 goals difference. The next step will be to go beyond Maradona Messi the total number of goals, and achieve goals in the national team tied and the go-ahead, now Macy's national goals ranked Batistuta, Crespo Maradona after the Argentine national team ranked fourth in history.


Macy's entire career spent in Barcelona, ​​he scored a total of 313 goals for Barcelona, ​​the Barcelona club's history the race first shooter. Maradona's playing career in Argentinos Juniors,  supra skytop 2 sale Barcelona, ​​Napoli, Newell's Old Boys, Boca Juniors five clubs effect. 

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