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Wang Hui, martial arts and Yaozhen Yan mentioned in the survey that, "foreign clubs very tolerant of Chinese companies, we should standardize some" to Barcelona, ​​supra s1w uk for example, when the two sides signed the contract have grass, but this family 30,000 yuan Register The company does not pay for Barca in China announced the cancellation of the race, and no liability for breach, but can not always wait for the understanding of the international club.


September 2012 in Shenzhen, a ticketing company Betis La Liga and the Premiership with Fulham in Nanning two companies have signed a contract to fight a commercial game, the tripartite news conference in Nanning are open even finished, you can not finally because of appearance fees can be implemented, came before the cancellation of the race, it is worth mentioning that this ticketing company sold tickets even done a refund after treatment, or by the contract signed discount points settlement commission, but it caused in the UK and Spain a great negative impact on China's future sports promoters want to restore integrity first.


Now several large events contractors have felt foreign clubs proposed bargaining increasingly high, the more demanding conditions, the more can not go on, at times lost business reputation, supra s1w uk the vicious cycle intensifies, "If we do not reform, so walking, commercial football die, "supra vaider uk Chen Wei said. 

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