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Lack of "conscience industry",asics gel nimbus 14 uk   is also the main reason for this year fell through many projects, including the Barcelona events in China, including many commercial projects are being disorderly competition do die, with Wang Hui's words, "a lot of people simply is a mess. "


Wang Hui tells the story of something that happened this year, the beginning of the contact force Wansheng company secrets to China to discuss South American Super Cup competition, will each offer for $ 3 million, Wang quoted at $ 2.5 million on the grounds that this year's South American Super Cup The two sides belong to the Corinthians and Sao Paulo, Brazil, China had little knowledge of South American football fans, but both teams have no players, "fans of view is the star, which ranks no two players it is difficult to sell to get out, "Wang Hui, after several rounds of negotiations on the home waiting for news.


Had always maintained a hotline, but the other is like suddenly disappeared like, no further contact with Wang Hui, Wang feels strange to call and ask the caller said the results have a company in Shanghai to South America, they were asked to do the Super Bowl, They offer $ 1 million higher than the price, asics gel noosa tri 7 womens we must win this game. It is reported that the company is to be done in 2014 World Cup products and cultural activities, spend 400 million dollars is to give active campaign, but do know will lose money, "where the money people stupid" joke tournament staged in business again .


Heli Wansheng, Europe and other companies Xun, Xu Yan Austria and other companies have discussed many events, without exception, every encounter foreign companies spoiler, Wang Hui describe "The industry has never been a standard tournament operations." The most outrageous is Wang Hui went to the Spanish spoken Spanish Super Cup, and this year happens to be Real Madrid against Barcelona, ​​but there is an unknown company is also involved in the negotiations, asking price is 16 million euros, which is about 120 million yuan price, which makes the king Hui very silent, if the contractor prices, count other costs and expenses, the total cost of the contractor will reach 140 million yuan, if the nest to count 80,000 seats sold out, it is necessary 2,000 yuan a ticket, which is in Beijing impossible, Wang Hui only doubt is, "This man is not crazy." Wang Hui said: "This industry is not in possession, who come messing around together, and not standardized,  asics gel nimbus 14 uk then Chinese commercial race has no future."


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