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The cost is too high, industry management confusion, asics gel kayano 18 mens income structure is a commercial single race declining three important reasons, the two largest business event costs mainly team appearance fees and various charges, but the race was just a commercial sponsorship and box office two partial return on revenue, coupled with confusion vicious competition, Chinese commercial game market has been a state of disorder, how to get the parties to regain confidence is the key.


Football Business Competition is to "double-edged sword", it is able to create 90 minutes of high profits and returns to 2003 "Ryoma war", the Italian Super Cup, "Milan Derby" and other events, for example, have created 4,000 million in box office records, so that everyone is staring at a piece of "high commercial value," the cake, those eager to companies all commercial competition as a "get rich quick" shortcut, but highly profitable high risk who are behind are not aware that even experienced the Milan derby do not dare shoo Wang Hui, vice president with Europe Yaozhen Yan Xun's words: "to do business is like gambling game, like" you can win a bet on, However, a very small chance of winning, lose, may topple the entire company.


Beijing is hosting a business event costs about the level reached 40 million yuan, asics gel kayano 18 mens including appearance fees paid to the team. Now the international top clubs in appearance fees are around 1.5 million euros to enter into force Wansheng Italian Super Cup, for example, the reserve price of 300 million euros, if there is Juventus, Inter Milan and AC Milan team, it also required to pay the cost of 300,000 euros, reaching 3.3 million euros, that is 21 million yuan, which is also free round-trip ticket prices. Coupled with the venue, security and other costs have reached a level of 10 million yuan. High cost of basic earnings stifle the possibility of commercial events, leading up to promote business operations are very cautious, even those who tasted the sweetness of the enterprise. Having worked in 2003, "Ryoma war" asics gel kinsei 4 women's high German companies are also no longer trip the muddy water.


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