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But the game has been unable to project approval through the City of the Football Association, sponsors need to see before approving payments, asics gel excel 33 mens  then stalled, delayed payment time, would have a ticketing company in advance to prepare the way for the company to pay part of the Austrian Xu Yan Box office section as a two race teams advance, but was not able to handle payments until May 3 AC Milan's patience to the limit, Wang Shuyan only temporarily shelved the idea.


While the same situation in Beijing Wansheng together also. According to Wang Hui with the Italian Football Federation signed a contract in 2010, is within the next five years held three Italian Super Cup Cup, has been held twice. If this does not hold, then, next year is the World Cup, the commercial race difficult to operate, Wang tried to organize this year, Wang said: "I want to do it this year, according to the contract can now watch the Juventus." Juve Tucci has won the Serie A, Italian Cup is in place between the Lazio and Roma in Rome derby, has been compared to China before the game Lazio concerned, Wang Hui even hope to win in Rome, "This game is more a gimmick." But Juventus has as yet not been answered.


According Juventus plans intermittent period of the year they will race to the United States, if the Italian Super Cup on home soil for them to catch up with the United States will contest the arrangement, if held in Beijing, everything will not be arranged. So basically rejected China Juventus game possible, which is the most troublesome Wang Hui.


From the news another city Shanghai is more funny, originally identified Barcelona to Shanghai this year's game, but encountered a "never met" in the new company insert a horizontal bar, the result alive wrecked the game. Europe WebEx earliest contacts with Barcelona and made a party acceptable price, combined with the experience of both value each other, close to reaching cooperation. But then grab a "contractor" intervention negotiations, which is a company just registered just to Barcelona Shanghai line was established with a registered capital of less than thirty thousand yuan, while in the negotiations, the company agreed to each other's appearance fees of up to 3.5 million euros, the government also holds a letter of guarantee of the negotiations carried out simultaneously on investment, which makes Barcelona there are differences of opinion within.


Since the other company is too small, Barca's interest can not be guaranteed. It is understood that Barca while finding possible future payments problems, but feel that the price of 28 million yuan so that they could not refuse, and let the company won the right to host the tournament. The results were predictable, and ultimately the company failed to pay the full amount of the contract period, the game fizzled out.


The Barcelona is also required to pay the full amount of his truth. asics gel noosa tri 8 uk 2010 Barcelona game ever in China, 50 million euro fails to pay the balance due in place, this Barcelona no longer allow Chinese promoters paid in installments, but requires a lump sum before. 

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