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James Laurinaitis Jersey

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Kenny Britt resolves New Jersey court case

Last summer it seemed like Titans receiver Kenny Britt was winding up on these pages almost James Laurinaitis Jersey daily for running afoul of the law in Nashville or New Jersey.

He’s started to clear his docket of some of those cases. He had charges of providing false information on drivers license dropped last month and he resolved a case stemming from an arrest in New Jersey last June on Tuesday. For those who have lost track of Britt’s history, this was the case dealing with Britt destroying a marijuana blunt while cops were approaching him on suspicion that he had illegal drugs. Britt was charged with resisting arrest, tampering with evidence and obstructing government functions. He pleaded not guilty to those charges in July.

On Tuesday, Britt pleaded guilty to disturbing the peace and paid a $1,500 fine to settle the case, according to the Associated Press. Britt tore his ACL in the third week of the 2011 season and the Titans believe he’ll be ready to go once training camp rolls around. Assuming, of course, no more legal trouble gets in the way.

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