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Mind blowingly stupid and completely disagreeable on Favre part.

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Aside from it being poor behavior. for people who, Public or private, marital or single, You have to wonder why a Super Bowl winning and future Hall of Fame QB it is fair to resort to such tactics? The level of hero worship these days leaves me with the expectation that on any given day, there's lots of desirable women ready, Willing and focused on satisfying Mr. Favre without him relying on these tactics.

By all suggestions (interviews, Her prove, tweets and blog), Jenn Sterger is making a serious and earnest effort at being a professional sports journalist. even though "Sexting" Is increasingly mainstream, By all accounts she never gave any evidences that Favre advances were desired or encouraged. If it was the case that Favre actions were encouraged or were part of a broader intimate romance, matters would be different, But that does Kids Mike Wallace Jersey not seem to be the case.

The really unfortunate part is that Sterger is effectively on your own who gets harmed: Deadspin gets a juicy traffic operating article at her expense; Pro athletes may now be less inclined to engage Sterger by professionals; And Brett Favre gets off fresh new, Aside from possible implications for his marriage.

Favre took advantage of Sterger in this example: some sort of) She needed to connect to him because he was part of the Jets and it was her job and b) Her being a young woman very fascinated about sports and him a future NFL hall of famer, She was bound to be somewhat pleased. Favre played the role of scumbag quite well and took full advantage of these settings.

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