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Apache Hadoop 2 稳定版发布

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15 October, 2013: Release 2.2.0 available
最大的亮点在于引入了YARN,并且提升了 HDFS的可用性及其他所需的特性。

YARN 在 HDFS 之上,作为一个服务于大数据应用的大规模、分布式操作系统,允许多个应用程序在其整个生命周期同时运行,以更加高效地支持数据。
Hadoop 2 和 YARN 使用户能够混合批量、交互和实时的工作负载在一个稳定的 Hadoop 生态系统的基础部分。

Apache Hadoop 2.2.0 is the GA release of Apache Hadoop 2.x.

Users are encouraged to immediately move to 2.2.0 since this release is significantly more stable and is guaranteed to remain compatible in terms of both APIs and protocols.

To recap, this release has a number of significant highlights compared to Hadoop 1.x:

    YARN - A general purpose resource management system for Hadoop to allow MapReduce and other other data processing frameworks and services
    High Availability for HDFS
    HDFS Federation
    HDFS Snapshots
    NFSv3 access to data in HDFS
    Support for running Hadoop on Microsoft Windows
    Binary Compatibility for MapReduce applications built on hadoop-1.x
    Substantial amount of integration testing with rest of projects in the ecosystem

A couple of important points to note while upgrading to hadoop-2.2.0:

    HDFS - The HDFS community decided to push the symlinks feature out to a future 2.3.0 release and is currently disabled.
    YARN/MapReduce - Users need to change ShuffleHandler service name from mapreduce.shuffle to mapreduce_shuffle.

Please see the Hadoop 2.2.0 Release Notes for details.


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