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Womens Sam Bradford Jersey

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How to make a football player Halloween costume

A football player is a fun costume for a boy or girl on Halloween. Unless you or someone you know is a champion seamstress, this is the kind of costume that will be more about compiling pieces than actually sewing. Those pieces include: shoes, leggings, padding, jersey, and helmet.


The shoes for your football player costume can go one of two ways. If you are an actual football player or if you know someone who is, you can use actual football cleats. If you don’t play football but play baseball, softball, or soccer, you can use your cleats from those sports as well for a similar look. If you are using actual cleats it is important to remember to clean the bottoms thoroughly before you go to any Halloween parties. Your host would not appreciate you tracking in dirt with your costume, no matter how authentic that might be.

The second option here is to simply use regular athletic sneakers. This option won’t be as authentic, but it will get the point across just fine.


Football player leggings can be faked with a pair of regular leggings. Look for a pair that come just to or just below the knees. If you can’t find any like this, you can cut off some longer ones to give the desired effect.

Padding Womens Sam Bradford Jersey

The padding is one of the hardest parts of the football player costume. Likely you will not have actual football pads, so you will have to fake it. You can do this by buying a cheap t-shirt and some stiff foam. Use duct tape to attach the foam in places like the shoulders and chest to give the impression of pads. Wear this padded shirt under your jersey.


The jersey is both a difficult and easy part of the costume. It is easy because sports jerseys of all kinds are readily available. It is difficult because often these jerseys are rather expensive, and if you only want a jersey for a Halloween costume you will likely not want to pay $50-$60 for one. You have a few options in that case. You can comb thrift stores for a used jersey, ask friends and family if they have one you could borrow, or you could try to make your own. You can find jersey material at a local craft store. Good luck!

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