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Keeping Your Motorcycle – Top Tips to Follow

Motorcycle owners spend thousands on their bikes every year, customising, maintaining, insuring and registering them. Kids Robert Quinn Jersey It’s definitely not a cheap hobby to have, but motorcycle enthusiasts will soon tell you it’s all worth it. Motorcycle security is often top of mind with motorbike owners, so here are some simple things you can do to secure your ride to avoid vandalism and theft.


Always leave your motorbike in a well lit, busy location. Don’t park your bike with the motor running - even if just for a minute. All someone needs is one second to jump on your bike and ride off! When parking your motorcycle at your home, always keep it locked up and out of sight in your garage. As with any mode of transport, never leave your keys in the ignition. Take them with you whenever you park your motorcycle.

If you leave your motorcycle for extended periods of time on the street, it is recommended to consider purchasing a U-bolt lock and a heavy, good quality chain. Try to park the bike close to permanent fixtures like cement pylons or poles. That way, when you weave the chain throughout the body of the bike and wrap it around these permanent fixtures it will be almost unmoveable.

Alarms and Locks

Many modern motorcycles come with some kind of alarm or security system that is set off when the bike is moved. In many cases, motorbike owners choose to upgrade their alarm system to one that includes an immobiliser which sounds very loudly, should someone attempt to steal the motorcycle. The elaborate systems also have digital tilt and shock sensors which determine if the bike is under threat. Some systems can even send you a text message to alert you that your motorcycle alarm has been activated.

Tracking Devices

GPS technology is a great tool to install so that you can locate your bike if it is stolen. Just be sure to have it fitted in an inconspicuous place on the bike so it cannot be found and removed by a thief. In some cases, the companies that monitor the GPS systems may charge a monthly subscription. These companies use high tech satellite equipment to pin down the precise location of the stolen motorcycle. These can be expensive, but are dropping in price as they are more popular and areas of coverage have expanded.

The easiest way to avoid motorcycle theft is by using common sense when parking your bike. Make sure you leave it in an area that is well lit and use a chain and solid lock every single time. Always remember to set the alarm and take the keys with you. Don't leave any items of value with the motorcycle, as this is just an attraction to criminals. Finally, make sure you have comprehensive motorcycle insurance to cover yourself should the bike be damaged or stolen.

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