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Vikings enjoy success in moderation at Lambeau

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As the Vikings head to Lambeau for their second playoff game we thought it would be fun to look back at a rivalry that is about dead even with the Packers holding a 18201 edge in Green Bay. Keep in mind that up until the early 1990 the Packers split their home games between Lambeau field and Milwaukee. Since 2000 however the Vikings have won only three times in 13 games in the frozen tundra and have been outscored 333246.

What does all this mean? Probably nothing, but we thought it would be fun to look back at the top five moments in the rivalry from a Vikings slant.

January 9, 2005: Prior to this game, the two teams never once played in a loser leaves town match. The Vikings started fast and pulled the upset 3117. Randy Moss was the story as he scored two touchdowns and after the second pretended to moon the sellout crowd at Lambeau.

October 5, 1998: Randy Moss made his Monday Night Football debut at Lambeau. The result? Five catches 190 yards and two touchdowns. The Vikings defeated the Pack 3724 in a game that saw Brett Favre throw Womens Brian Hartline Jersey three interceptions and was then benched.

October 5, 2009: Brett Favre leads the Vikings to a 3023 win over the Packers in a game that saw the highest ratings in cable television history. It was the first meeting between Favre and his former team and he torched his former team for three touchdowns in the Vikings victory.

December 30, 2012: Adrian Peterson rushes for 199 yards falling short of Eric Dickerson single season rushing record by nine yards. The Vikings however win the game 3734 and punch their ticket to the playoffs. Christian Ponder throws three touchdown passes in the win.

November 1, 2009: Favre returns to Lambeau where he completes 17of28 passes for 244 yards and four touchdowns in the Vikings 3826 win over the Packers.

October 4, 1964: After losing the first six games in franchise history against the Packers, the Vikings pick up a 2423 slobberknocker win against the Pack.

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