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Lauer didn't ask if Vick intended to bring a dog into the household

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Two days from the end of a threeyear probation following a 22monthsentence for dogfighting, Michael Vick revealed Tuesday he's written anautobiography.

The book is titled "Michael Vick: Finally Free." The subtitle is "The powerof a second chance."

The forward is by mentor Tony Dungy, the retired NFL head Jamar Taylor Jersey coach.

Lauer didn't ask if Vick intended to bring a dog into the household, whichwas strictly forbidden during his probation. Vick said during an offseasonavailability his probation is up July 20. He didn't mention anything aboutdog ownership, although in the past he's said he wants to do so at somepoint.

Though Vick has spoken out against dog fighting in his work with The HumaneSociety and preaching to youth about avoiding the bad decisions he's made,there could be an uproar if he chooses dog ownership.

In an excerpt of the book released by USA Today, Vick spoke of thedogfighting days during his career with the Atlanta Falcons.

"I may have become more dedicated to the deep study of dogs than I was tomy Falcons playbook," the excerpt read. "I became better at reading dogsthan reading defenses. That's just so sad to say right now because I putmore time and effort into trying to master that pursuit than my ownprofession."

When President Barack Obama applauded Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie forgiving Vick a second chance, the ASPCA felt compelled to issue a statementaddressing the deep and disturbing realities.

"While we do believe in second chances, we also support the conditions ofMichael Vick's probation, which prohibit him from owning, buying or sellingdogs for three years from the date of his July 2009 release from federalprison," the statement read. "Mr. Vick's performance on the gridiron maycontinue to attract attention and accolades, but we believe the finalmeasure of his newly found compassion toward animals can only be borne outover time."

For Vick, it's all about trudging on. The veteran feels he's in the bestshape of his football career. With just four days remaining before he andselect players report to training camp at Lehigh University, is ready toshow it.

"I still feel like I have more to prove each and every day," Vick told theToday Show. "And I think every person should feel like that when they wakeup in the morning. We always have something to prove. You can always bebetter than you were the day before."

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