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This year it's a 12team playoff which includes the Arizona Cardinals

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This year's 2009 Super Bowl stand out as the 43rd annual edition of the game. The teams that win the American Football Conference and the nation's Football Conference will be the teams competing in the Super Bowl.

First the top teams of the season must face off in a Super Bowl match; This year it's a 12team playoff which includes the Arizona Cardinals, minnesota Vikings, Miami dolphins, Philadelphia silver eagles, metro atlanta Falcons, gambling, gambling, Baltimore Ravens, gambling, Carolina Panthers, Tennessee Titans and new york giants. The two remaining teams will play last month 1 at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Fla. For more on these teams and the tournament leading up to Super Bowl XLIII read sports magazines like Sports Illustrated, ESPN the magazine and news catalogues like Time magazine.

the tv commercials for Super Bowl XLIII will cost $3 million, A first in the history of Super Bowl advertising. Top advertisers on mobile for this year's Super Bowl are AnheuserBusch, PepsiCola together with Doritos. To find out more about the business of Super Bowl advertising read business magazines like BusinessWeek, Forbes and funds magazine.

Also a major part of the Super Bowl is the music. Each Super Bowl features a high profile halftime show with a superstar entertainer. This year's halftime performer is Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band. Springsteen would be known for his brand of heartland rock infused and Americana attitude in his music; He is termed "The supervisor" And has been touring on / off with the E Street Band since 1972.

For the concerts leading up to the Super Bowl, Music feelings Rihanna, Enrique Iglesias, drop out Boy and Lifehouse will perform. For more on these popular musical acts read Billboard journal, Rolling Stone magazine and delight Weekly.

Beyond concerts, The Super Bowl activities will also include an environmentally friendlyactivitydozens of volunteers including area school children will plant more than one thousand trees in Tampa Bay as part of the National Football League's greening of Super Bowl XLIII as part of the NFL Environmental Program and local agencies at two different planting sites in the region.

This and other Super Bowl related enviromentally friendly efforts are part of the NFL environmentally friendly Program's urban and community forestry initiative, Developed in partnership with local, State and federal providers. A dozen different tree planting projects are scheduled occurring Tampa Bay area in the weeks leading up to Super Bowl XLIII.

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