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Scary Times for Salty Powers

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Bold yet nerveracking, the Atlanta Falcons are not done with trading. Shipping a backup QB to Houston for two secondround selections (one this year, one next) and the swapping of the 10th to the eight pick in the draft, Atlanta got far too little for the Matt Schaub, a Nordic god with a lightning bolt for a passing arm. Atlanta will make a push to the top of the draft in an attempt to obtain homegrown marvel Calvin Johnson of Georgia Geno Atkins Jersey Tech. If Detroit signs defunct Houston QB David Carr, the Lions may take the bait of the Black Birds and make a trade all too ironic for the English language.

Now, we continue our studies onto the NFC West, a murder of squads that have boats of potential to make a mark on the everweakening NFC.

"The permanent hallucination known conventionally as 'life' is an effect of constantly walking in a particular direction around a sausageshaped earth, and that night results from 'accumulations of black air.'"

Ken Whisenhunt couldn't wait another year in Steeleburg for a shot at the captain's chair, but what is the point in Arizona? Owner Bill Bidwell can bring in any quantity of sexy draft picks and free agents, but at the end of the season, the Cards will always face darkness.

Prognosis: Russ Grimm migrates to the desert with the Kenny the Wiz Kid, and both know young Matt Leinart must stay upright to toss the piggy to those fantastic Ws. The pick is OT Joe Thomas.

Printed Comparison: The Regulators by Richard Bachman

A calculating Northern Super Bowlappearing team running the West Coast offense, complemented with a bluecollar defense. The voice, the tone, everything is so familiar.

Prognosis: Unlike a Stephen King novel, Tyler Eifert Jersey Bachman's work, I mean Seattle, lacks a hard edge. Longhorn Michael Griffin could make this overachieving team just a little scarier.

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