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Aggies have look of a champion Times Record News

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Aggies have look of a champion Times Record News

After watching his team shut out Big 12 cochampion Oklahoma in the second half and win 4113 on Friday night, Sumlin was asked if any part of him asks "what if" college football had a playoff.

"No," he answered. "We knew what the rules were before the season. It's all set up that way. When the rules change, then there's time to talk about that."

"Everybody is playing under the same rules. You have your schedule. You play your games. You try to win 'em all. That's the way college football is set up right now. That means every game you play is important. One loss or two losses, depending on who you played, can change your season."

Alabama had one threepoint loss but still made it to the title game.

The Aggies ended the regular season No. 9 in the BCS standings. Three of the Womens Barkevious Mingo Jersey teams ahead of them Florida, Kansas State and LSU lost their bowls. A fourth will lose Monday night.

Still, don't be surprised if Texas A doesn't even crack the top five.

Nothing has changed the past 15 years. The BCS is still BS.

I agree Nick. The Aggies should be playing for all the marbles. They are as good as anyone at this point in the season. As an OU season ticket holder, I felt the best team OU played all season was the hated Notre Dame Irish followed by Baylor/Oklahoma state (tied for 2nd) with KState third. Notre Dame physically beat OU at the line of scrimmage, and Manti Te'o was the best player OU faced all year. That all changed this past Friday. A more talented Texas A team embarrassed Oklahoma in the second half. Landry Jones ended his college football career in the same stadium and with the same results as his career started four years ago. I have serious doubts Jones has what it takes (mentally) to play in the NFL, but the kid can't do worse than the quarterbacks for the Arizona Cardinals and the Kansas City Chiefs. As for Johnny Football, he's the real deal and deserving of the Heisman. I may be dating myself, but Johnny Football brought back memories of watching Fran Tarkenton.

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