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NFL Pillow Pets for Kids

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NFL Pillow Pets for Kids

NFL Pillow Pets are the perfect gift for your favorite little football fan. These Womens Pierre Thomas Jersey cuddly plush team mascots fold out to become pillows that kids will love to take to bed or to use while relaxing and watching a big game on TV. NFL team Pillow Pets are available for all your favorite teams and feature a cute mascot decked out in the team jersey. Some even have helmets. Kids (and adults, too!) will love snuggling up with these soft Pillow Pet mascots. Whether you're cheering on the Chicago Bears, the Miami Dolphins or any other team, you'll have fun with these soft team mascots. Check out the items below to find your favorite NFC or AFC team.

(Image of Cincinnati Bengals Pillow Pet provided by Amazon)

We recently purchased the Dream Lites Rainbow Unicorn for my sixyearold daughter. She loves it! This is the second product we've purchased by My Pillow Pet.

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