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vibrating screen

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vibrating screen :

The vibrating screen is machinery and equipment of vibration screening, which is suitable for damp fine grade of difficult materials with dry vibration screening, and is also equipment to process difficult materials of the domestic. Vibrating screen has the process characteristics of large amplitude, large vibration intensity, low frequency and elastic screen surface. In the working process, it maintains the largest rate of hole, which is of high efficiency, large capacity, convenient replacement of sieve plate, and reduces the cost.
Our company mainly produces three kinds of vibrating screen as follows:

YA Series Circular Vibrating Screen:
YA Drum Vibrating Screen is primarily applied coal, Metallurgical, power generation, building material, water conservancy 'light and chemical industries and other industries and a highly efficient screening machine to classify coal, ore, coke and other bulk materials.
Working Philosophy and Structural Property
The screen is operated by electric motor to drive vibrator with eccentric mass via delta belt, allowing screen box to vibrate, with the motional orbit of the screen box being circular. The screen is composed of screen box, vibrator, spring, damping, supporting underframe. and others, as shown in Fig.1. The screen box uses the advanced ring groove rivet for connection and si of frame. structure.
The vibrator adopts eccentric shaft and eccentric block and the spring damping device sues steel spiral spring.

YK Series Circular Vibrating Screen:
YK Series Circular Vibrating Screen adopts German technology, and is specially designed to sieve different sizes of aggregate. It is also applied in coal dressing, ore dressing, building material, electricity and chemical industries.
Features and Benefits:
1.High vibrating force with unique eccentric structure. Adopt advanced construction, making the vibrating force powerful.
2.The beam and case of the screen are connected with high strength bolts without welding.
3.Simple structure, easy to repair.
4.Adopt tire coupling and soft connection makes operation smooth.
5.High efficiency, easy maintenance, sturdy and durable.

ZK Series linear Vibrating Screen:
ZK series linear vibrating screen is based on the needs of China’s production in the digestion and absorption the technology from abroad on the basis of summing up of our years of research experience in the design and use, combined with the national conditions of China developed a new series of vibrating screen.
Through years of practice, that the series of machine has to deal with a large amount of technical parameters of a reasonable structural strength, high stiffness, serialization, generic, and a high degree of standardization, smooth and reliable operation, noise ,maintenance overhaul to facilitate a series of advantages.
Company Name: Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.
24-hour Free Sales Consulting Phone : 861-0371 -5590 2866 .
Company Address: Qiaolou caizhai industrial estate, Xingyang city, Henan Province

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