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Spiral Classifier

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Spiral Classifier introduction: 
There are four types classifier:high-grading single-screw and double-screw、 sinking type single-screw and double-screw classifier.The classifiers are suitable for dewatering, medium, drainage ad spraying in ore dressing for medium and fine material wet and dry classifying in mine.
Applicable scope:
Classifier widely used in mineral processing plant to match with the ball mill and form. a closed-circuit circulation to process mining sand. or used in gravity mine-selection plant for classifying sand and mine mud, and grading sand according to the particle size , disliming 、dewatering in the mine washing process. this machine has simple structure, reliable operation, convenient operation, etc. the classifier is a kind of classifying machine that adopt the principle of settling speed difference according to different material sizes and specific gravity. fine particles floating in the water overflow out ;the coarse ore grain sinks to the bottom of the chase which will be pulled to the upper by the spiral and discharging out.

Structure features:
The classifier is mainly composed of the transmission device, the helicoid, tub, lifting mechanism and lower bearings (bearings) and mineral composition valve.

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