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rotary cooler

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The introduction of rotary cooler:

A Rotary Cooler is regularly used for cooling fine chemical materials in building material production, metallurgic and chemical industries, cement production lines, and compound fertilizer production lines, and more. It is usually used to be matched with rotary calciner and rotary drier as the complete priduction plant.It is applicable for cooling materials like slag, limestone, coal powder, and clay, etc.

Single cylinder cooler is suitable for cooling hot materials and getting the air absorbing lots of heat from the hot materials at the same time to make the combustion air getting to hot, for strengthening calcining and decreasing heat consumption, it's an important corollary equipment of rotary kiln.

The structure of Rotary Cooler:

The cooler mainly comprises cylinder body, front and back supporting rollers, feeding and discharging devices, driving device, gear cover, etc. The cylinder body is horizontal-type rotary cylinder, and various flights of different angles with stagger arrangement are welded in its inside from front to back. The ring and spiral flight are provided at the feed end to prevent from reversing material. Wheel belt used for supporting is installed outside the cylinder. The cylinder is supported on the supporting roller through front and back wheel belts, and catch wheel is set on the back supporting roller to control the axial drive of the cylinder. The rotation of cylinder is brought by the driving device through driving the direct connection-type bull gear that is fixed on cylinder body with pinion.

Regulating screw is provided to each supporting roller to regulate the front-back position of the supporting roller. In addition, oil groove for supporting roller is provided to make the contact surface of supporting roller belt have good oil film, prolonging the service life of the supporting roller and the ring.

The two ends of cylinder body extends into the feeding and discharging devices, and the flexible sealing plate is closely attached to the cylinder body. Feed plate is set in feed box; and waist-shaped hole for material falling and material cleaning is set at the inside of the sealing plate at the lower end of the feed box, so as to prevent material pressing and blockage caused by material reversing. The driving device comprises electric motor, reduction gear, coupling and pinion assembles.

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