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Screw Conveyor

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Screw conveyor is used for storage silo and under hopper material discharging and as a kind of fast amount in 5% of the required accuracy, under the circumstance,then continuous evenly conveying to the devices of accepting materials, through the adjustment of the vibration motor excitation force can easily change the productivity. screw conveyor:

Screw conveyor is widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal, glass, building materials, light industry, chemical industry, water power, food, abrasive, abrasive tools, etc, and make various industries in environmental protection got very big improvement, and reduce the energy consumption and transportation management cost , make economic benefits have been improved greatly.

The basic categories of industrial conveyors are horizontal, inclined, vertical loop and closed-circuit installation. They have a tough chain conveyor which is specifically designed to bear heavy load and vigorous applications. They also bear a Curved section that allows lifting of heavy loads with ease. All components are jig welded -therefore, interchangeability is possible. 

Our screw conveyors are all strictly carbon steel construction that has an abrasion resistant divider plate and access panels that give strength and longevity to the conveyors. All our Conveyors come dust-free. We can customize the capacity according to the size of the operation or any other specifications made by our clients. The capacity also depends on the number of workers working there and their efficiency. The electric power usage depends on the capacity of the plant.

We offer a variety of screw conveyors like twin screw, screw feeders, paddle and mixing conveyors, right and left screw conveyors and rotary air lock valves etc. the screw conveyors that we offer come in simple designs and are easy to maintain. The width is small and allows the vent of the material at some points. It is of importance when extremely dusty, hot and pungent smelling materials are in use. It can be made dust free by covering up the trough.

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