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Vibrating Screen

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vibrating screen use vibration motor as vibration source, the materials is rosed and moved in the straight at the same time. The materials are entered into entrance equality, and then go through screen to create the materials with different sizes, which was discharged, from different gates. vibration screen:

The vibrating screen is machinery and equipment of vibration screening, which is suitable for damp fine grade of difficult materials with dry vibration screening, and is also equipment to process difficult materials of the domestic. Vibrating screen has the process characteristics of large amplitude, large vibration intensity, low frequency and elastic screen surface. In the working process, it maintains the largest rate of hole, which is of high efficiency, large capacity, convenient replacement of sieve plate, and reduces the cost.

The vibrating screens are used in many industries, such as, steel making, mining, quarrying, foundries, food processing and chemical industry for the separating of bulk materials like stone aggregates, different kind of sand, active carbon and other materials.

Our company mainly produces three kinds of vibrating screen as follows:
YA Series Circular Vibrating Screen, YK series circular vibrating screen, ZK series linear vibrating screen and SZF series linear vibrating screen.
You can pay attention to the company's other products as also:
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