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Vertical Preheater

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Introduction of Vertical Preheater:
Vertical preheater is one of the main equipments of active limestone. The main function is to send limestone materials sent by the upper part to the preheater body, while using the emitted high temperature gas (1150 ) after calcination, preheat the materials to about 900 evenly. During the preheat process, 30% CaCO3 is decomposed in the preheater, then by the hydraulic pressure stick putting into the rotary kiln to calcinate. This kind of technology not only shortens the calcined time in the kiln, but also can obtain higher degree of activity of the lime. vertical preheater:

Working Principle of Vertical preheater:
According to the place of vertical preheater in rotary kiln system, and negative pressure working principle of Preheater. Heat emission is heat convective, the material and air is convection movement. When the raw materials feeding into the preheater, under the negative pressure condition, to prevent cold air into the preheater, the inlet of raw materials must take effective seal. This is to ensure the effective use of heat and material preheating effect.

Vertical Preheater in Our Commpany:
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